Seed Harvester

The Logic MSH320 UTV ATV Seed Harvester has a 5.5hp Honda engine with a centrifugal clutch which drives a 4′(1.2metre) rotary brush with 150mm long, stiff bristles, designed to sweep the seed heads it comes into contact with into the hopper.

The harvester has been developed over a period of years to work on a wide variety of sites primarily for use on wild flower meadows and coronation meadows.

The large 22×11-8 flotation tyres make it ideal for working on soft ground or rough conditions. The brush has a working height range of 75-300mm designed for the collection of the vast majority of wild flower seed types. The seeds are automatically swept into the 600litre hopper. Once the hopper is full, or the operation finished, it is manually tipped 180 degrees to discharge the seeds onto a pre-positioned groundsheet, ready for bagging and further processing.

Logic also produce the MSH420 Seed Harvester which is a higher specification machine incorporating variable electric height control with two height ranges, up to 525mm, The main benefit of this model is its ability to also successfully harvest seed on heather moorland.

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Logic Pro Sweep MSP120

The Logic Pro-Sweep is a 4′ sweeping brush designed to sweep anything it comes into contact with into the hopper. Although the primary use of this machine is for muck collection, it is also ideal for any required sweeping task such as leaf, grass or acorn collection.

The Pro-Sweep works equally well for llama and alpaca farmers – the principles of muck removal are the same, even though the nature of the droppings are completely different. The Pro-Sweep does the same efficient job, saving many hours of valuable time and effort.

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