News & Updates - Bill Davies ATV

E10 Petrol We are being frequently asked about the new E10 petrol and is it compatibility with your Honda ATV, the answer is yes and Honda have issued the following guidance. “All Honda Power Equipment products with petrol engines, produced for the UK market since 1993 YM (year model), are compatible with E10 petrol. This includes, stationary engines and Honda complete built units.”  If you leave your machine standing for more than say 4 weeks with out use, you may consider using a fuel stabiliser. This is more relevant to your seasonal equipment such as mowers.

New and Used ATV Availability – As in most other industries Honda ATV is being hit by the problems in the supply chain, this is due to issues from production still trying to catch up with demand to a shortage of lorry drivers and increases in logistic charges.  We would recommend calling us to discuss your requirements and order,  we can then ensure you are not disappointed.  For more details on supply and availability please give us call.  The slow down in the new Honda ATV supply  is having a knock on to our stock of used machines, although this is very frustrating please do give us a call as used bikes are being sold before they make the web site or social media and again we can make a note of your details and advise you when we have a suitable machine in stock.