Pioneer 520-2 4WD

The Pioneer 520 features a new 518cc liquid cooled single cylinder 4 stroke engine, electronic fuel injection, switchable 2/4WD and electric start, five speed automatic transmission with AT/MT modes with paddle shifting and reverse, independent double wishbone front and rear suspension, dual hydraulic front disc brakes, 15 litre fuel tank, tilt/dump bed, bench seat, individual backrests and seatbelts. (Plus Cab)
Hard Work
Towing Capacity
Heavy load? No problem. The Pioneer 520 range has a robust 454kg towing capacity – strong enough to handle some of those jobs you’d normally need a tractor for.
Tilt bed
A strong, durable and tilting cargo bed with 204kg payload capacity helps make light work of those heavy tasks, saving you time and effort.
Adjustable Preload Rear Shocks
The Pioneer’s fully-independent rear suspension with preload rear shocks means there’s no compromise on handling when hauling heavy loads.
2WD/4WD Differential Lock
When you’re in 4WD mode and you need to get the power to both front wheels, simply push the knob to the right and the differential locks to maximise the available traction.